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✔ Produce short videos for TikTok marketing

✔ Achieve explosive growth with high traffic

✔ Make your brand go viral and sell niche products like hotcakes

TikTok users in Taiwan is approaching that of Instagram, reaching 7 million!

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Douyin and its international version, TikTok, have rapidly gained a user base since 2017 through innovative traffic and algorithms. The number of active TikTok users in Taiwan is nearing that of Instagram, reaching 7 million! Many brands and individuals have capitalized on the traffic bonus, leveraging the flow to instantly make their brand go viral, sell niche products, attract long queues, and spark a franchising frenzy.

Our Taiwan TikTok Marketing services solve the issues of not knowing how to produce videos, having too few followers, and lacking interaction and exposure. In addition to assisting with short video production, we are the only ones in the industry to guarantee traffic, quickly maximizing the impact of your TikTok videos through mastering the secrets of the algorithm and offering TikTok advertising management services.

   "Cranberry Juice Sales"   Skateboarding to work while drinking cranberry juice "The thermos cup is on sale"   The car was burned down but the thermos cup was unscathed "Local Restaurants"   Special Innovative Ways to Eat and Limited Meals

Guaranteed Traffic! Turn Popular in a Short Time

Creates Taiwan TikTok brand stories | Guaranteed TikTok traffic to establish your presence

To assist brands in quickly breaking through on TikTok, we offer exclusive short video traffic plans for Taiwan TikTok marketing: A. Beginner Growth Plan, B. Intermediate Expansion Plan, and C. Advanced Breakthrough Plan. Brands don't need to worry about producing short video content themselves or about growing their traffic. Leave it all to our company's professional TikTok management and expansion strategies to quickly achieve your goals!

Taiwan TikTok Plans	"A. Primary  growth plan"	B. Intermediate expansion plan	C. Advanced breakthrough plan TikTok short video production	10 videos	30 videos	100 videos TikTok total guaranteed traffic	"Total traffic exceeded 150,000 views"	"Total traffic exceeded 500,000 views"	"Total traffic exceeded 2,000,000 views" TikTok’s estimated number of followers	"More than 1,000 followers"	"More than 3,000 followers"	"More than 10,000 followers" TikTok traffic advertising cost	"Advertising fee NT$70,000"	"Advertising fee NT$200,000"	"Advertising fee NT$500,000" TikTok achieves traffic per video	"Each one exceeds 10,000 views"	"Each one exceeds 10,000 views"	"Each one exceeds 10,000 views" Number of hearts per TikTok video	"Each one exceeds 200 hearts"	"Each one exceeds 200 hearts"	"Each one exceeds 200 hearts" Number of comments per TikTok video	"Each one exceeds 10 comments"	"Each one exceeds 10 comments"	"Each one exceeds 10 comments" Fees (excluding tax)	"US$10,000"	"US$25,000"	"US$60,000"

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