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Use Facebook to spark conversations and truly make your presence felt

The influence of social media has become incredibly powerful. Brands' strategies on digital assets like Facebook and Instagram can harness traffic and leverage the psychology of people's tendency to follow trends and watch developments, thereby gaining social recognition and improving their image with strong social proof. This can create a snowball effect, generating a lively atmosphere, enhancing brand visibility, and ultimately boosting revenue performance.

Especially for consumer brands, Facebook is considered a crucial digital asset to manage. Its suitability for digital PR and topic creation allows brands to reach both new and existing customers. However, managing and operating social media is a complex task, which is why an increasing number of brands are partnering with social media management companies like us. These partnerships allow brands to turn the uncontrollable into controllable by entrusting professionals with guarantees and creative planning, thus amplifying the overall brand presence. Additionally, leveraging Instagram's visual appeal and the interactive potential of stories can further elevate the brand image. Lastly, utilizing LINE to consolidate traffic from various sources enables deeper, personalized promotions and services, as well as the cultivation of loyal customers and members.

Comparison of different social media in Taiwan: Facebook, Instagram, LINE

Packages and Fees for Taiwan Social Media Marketing

To help brands swiftly enhance their Taiwan Facebook community influence and interaction quality, Gentler Digit offers guaranteed traffic social media management services. These services range from basic fan growth and interaction improvement, achieving over a hundred likes, five-star reviews, advanced Facebook ad management and performance analysis, to comprehensive social media strategy implementation. The latter includes multi-image posts, interactive posts, in-store exploration video production, product video production, and brand image video production for social media management.

Gentler Digit has outlined the following packages for their Facebook community management, and Instagram and LINE fan page management services: A. Traffic Kickstart Plan, B. Growth Acceleration Plan, C. Flagship Management Plan. These packages alleviate the burden of internal content creation and management, eliminating concerns over low traffic and ineffective outcomes. Through professional social media content planning and ad campaign strategies, these services guarantee a qualitative and quantitative leap in your brand’s "presence" on social media platforms.

service items	A. Traffic Kickstart plan	B. Growth acceleration plan	C. Flagship Management plan	Completion standards "FB fans > 10,000"	✔	✔	✔	Completed within 2 months FB five-star > 100 	✔	✔	✔	Complete within 5 months "FB 10 posts per month: Each 100 likes, 10 comments, 10 shares"	✔	✔	✔	Each article is completed within 1 week "FB post with Ad: Each 300 likes, 20 comments, 20 shares"		✔	✔	Each article is completed within 1 week "FB advertising on behalf of the brand (ad fees are extra)"		✔	✔	Discuss results monthly "Community management: 5 posts per month (multiple pictures, text, interactive)"			✔	Completed every month "Community management 1video per month (store exploration, products, brand image)"			✔	Completed every month "Basic SEO optimization for FB, IG, LINE and Google Business"			✔	Completed within 1 month "FB, IG, LINE, Google, community management"			✔	Completed every month "Bonus: IG traffic 2000 Taiwanese fans 5000 global fans 10 articles 500 hearts 100 comments"			✔	Completed within 2 months Monthly fee (need to sign a contract for 1 year)	US$ 500	US$ 800	"US$ 1,800"

Why is traffic necessary? It's like the strategy used by popular stores with long lines

Nowadays, most people are reluctant to like or interact on the internet, but viewership remains extremely high. Thus, the challenge lies in how to break into the initial flow of traffic to build an image. Creating the first wave of traffic means, for example, as a user, you see a post with 100 likes and numerous comments, you're bound to take a closer look, engage more, and even join in liking, commenting, and sharing.

The fundamental logic behind managing a fan page is similar to the operation of popular stores with long queues. Initially, people are either hired or friends and family are asked to line up. When you see several people queuing at one store and none at another, which one would you choose? Additionally, due to cognitive dissonance, people may convince themselves that something is good even if it's not. Therefore, by initially driving traffic to increase follower count and ensuring posts have interactions, and leveraging the bandwagon effect, whether through organic traffic or targeted ads, you can significantly boost overall visibility and translate it into actual revenue.

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