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If you're aiming to:

✔ Rapidly boost search traffic

✔ Increase conversion rates and sales

✔ Reduce reliance on costly advertising

What is SEO? It can create more website opportunities!

92% of people say they trust the results given by Google!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process that makes websites more navigable, user-friendly, and trusted by the target market's consumers. This process aims to position web pages "higher up and in front" in the search results of engines like Google.

Improving SEO is crucial for any website because it can:

Taiwan SEO: free and stable traffic to the website

Why do SEO? It's 87% cheaper than the cost of paid search advertising!

According to research by Terakeet, the cost of acquiring new customers through SEO strategies is 87% lower than through paid search. 

Additionally, data from Statcounter in January 2024 indicates that Google holds a 92% share of the global search engine market in Taiwan, while Microsoft's Bing (which also powers Yahoo searches) has a market share of about 7%. This is significant and should not be overlooked. If you can make your website pages more trusted and visited, leading to conversions under the boost of free traffic, it becomes crucial for those intending to build and sustain their brand over the long term.

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A Taiwan SEO consultant should have?

SEO is not just about the technical aspects of content arrangement; it's also an art that requires the integration of various professional fields. A proficient consultant needs to possess cross-disciplinary talents and continuously improve their skills. Broadly, SEO encompasses:

Skills and qualifications that an SEO consultant should have include:

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