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At Gentler Digit, we leverage our rich experience in Taiwan Digital Marketing, including SEO and LINE social marketing, to support brands and firms in becoming more competitive in the rapidly changing Taiwanese market.

/// Gentler Digit Services ///

 Not only do we give you the fish, supporting the achievement of your goals; we also teach the skills, showing you how to fish!

Taiwan Digital Marketing

✔ Integrating brand digital assets

✔ Identifying marketing objectives

✔ Decoding the marketing metrics

LINE App Marketing Taiwan

✔ Turning LINE into a mini-official website

✔ Harnessing SEO traffic for LINE

✔ Turning LINE into a Cash Machine

Taiwan SEO Consulting

✔ Rapidly increasing search traffic

✔ Enhancing site conversion rates

✔ Reducing reliance on costly advertising


✔ Social media marketing and growing

✔ Guaranteed traffic and engagement

✔ Boosting ad impact to increase revenue

/// About US ///

Taiwan LINE / SEO / MarTech / Growth Hacking

Gentler Digit, established in 2023 in Taipei Taiwan, was founded by May Yang, a professional Taiwanese with expertise in local digital marketing. Beyond solid digital marketing and analytical skills, the Gentler Digit team excels in employing the most efficient, accurate, and unrestricted goal-oriented approach. We integrate interdisciplinary resources both horizontally and vertically, accompanying brands and firms in enhancing marketing skills and rethinking strategies. This enables brands to reinvent their image and lead the era in Taiwan market, with a crucial focus: achieving record-breaking revenue!

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/// An Interview with Founder May///

Interviewed by John Drummond

Founder May Yang's career is a testament to her profound expertise and impactful contributions to Taiwan's tech and digital marketing sectors. From 2013 to 2016, May was instrumental in establishing the Google Knowledge Graph team in Taiwan, earning recognition in Girls in Tech Taiwan's 40 under 40 for her contributions.

In 2016, May channeled her entrepreneurial drive into founding Inbound Tech, a pioneering mental health tech startup in Taipei. Its groundbreaking approach garnered the support of leading venture capitalists, including the VC of Gamania Group. The venture's influence was further validated when it was acquired in 2020 by the Taichung-based Metamorphosis Counseling Group, marking a significant milestone in the mental health industry.

Since 2022, May has spearheaded marketing initiatives at 12CM Taiwan, Taipei's leading MarTech startup and the Top 1 LINE Official Account Partner in Taiwan. There, she continues to hone her marketing expertise, assisting numerous brands in integrating their marketing assets for optimal performance.

In 2023, she embarked on a new venture with the creation of Gentler Digit, a digital Marketing consultancy in Taipei. Through Gentler Digit, May is dedicated to empowering brands and companies to thrive in the digital realm, driving their digital asset optimization and sustainable growth. Her innovative leadership and strategic vision underscore her unwavering commitment to advancing digital marketing and growth hacking.

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